Early Childhood Development Kit


Favorite set for kids, which is advised by speech therapists, neurologists and orthopedists.

Experts recommend a set for kids from 1.5 years old for joint classes with their mother. From the age of 3, the child will be able to study independently. 

The set is ideal for the development of higher mental functions in the first 1-4 years, when the baby begins to explore the world and starts speech. It is the mothers of babies who most often choose this set on the advice of specialists.

The set helps develop gross and fine motor skills, strengthen the baby's muscular frame and prepare him for any sport.

Practice with your child every day for 15 minutes. After three weeks of regular classes, you will notice a positive result!

In set: 
Hand balancer Spiral - retail price 1990 rubles.
Interhemispheric maze Three figures, retail price 2790 rubles.

Balance board Left-Right with two bases: cross and parallel - retail price 5490 rubles.

Suitable for: Favorite set for kids from 1.5 years old, which is recommended by speech therapists, neurologists and orthopedists.

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

In set: Hand balancer Wave, Interhemispheric maze Circles, balance board Left-Right with two bases

lwh: 640x470x120 mm

Weight: 6000 g

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