Binding set for a student

The Schoolboy set was created by a neuropsychologist specifically to help your student improve their academic performance. 

The set is designed to help the student to effectively cope with tasks, quickly and efficiently process new information. 

Experts recommend this set in cases where the child
  • remember information slowly
  • writes sloppy, misses letters
  • gets tired quickly, has trouble concentrating
  • not friendly with math 

Practice with your child daily for 15 minutes before doing homework. After three weeks of regular classes, you will notice a positive result!

In set: 
Hand balancer Flower - retail price 1990 rubles.
Interhemispheric maze Brain - retail price 2790 rubles.
Balance board Maze with a hemisphere - retail price 8690 rubles.

Suitable for: The Schoolboy Set is designed by a neuropsychologist specifically to help your student child improve their academic performance.

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

In set: Hand Balancer Flower, Interhemispheric Maze Tetris, Balance Board Maze with Hemisphere

lwh: 640x470x120 mm

Weight: 7000 g

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