Hand balancer №6 Vertical tracks

A great option for the first acquaintance with neuro simulators.

The model is often used in practice by developing centers for the youngest.

Playing with a balancer has a beneficial effect on the child's brain through the body. Due to fine motor skills, interhemispheric connections develop and, as a result, intellectual abilities grow. The child improves speech, memory, logical thinking.

A simple drawing of the maze helps children to learn how to navigate in space in a playful way and remember the concepts of «right-left», «over-under», «forward – backward».

We created a toy with the participation of child psychologists. In their opinion, even five-minute daily classes with a children's balancer contribute to the development of coordination of movements, visual memory, concentration and perseverance.

Suitable for: Suitable for children over 3 years old

In set: 2 iron balls, wooden chip, silicone legs, instructions with exercises

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

lwh: 240x350x15 mm

Weight: 1100 g

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