Hand balancer №4 Maze

A hand balancer of medium difficulty for children from 4 years old. 

The main function of the simulator is the development of interhemispheric connections. 

The established connection of the left and right hemispheres contributes to the improvement of intellectual processes: speech, memory, attention, imagination, thinking and perception. 

The toy develops fine motor skills of hands, coordination of movements, concentration of attention, perseverance. To complete the maze, the children will need to include logical thinking. 

For adults, the Labyrinth balancer will remind you of a familiar game from childhood, only in a modern version – made of high-quality, natural materials. 

The model is often chosen for the rehabilitation of children with special needs. 

The instructions for the toy will help make classes more interesting and productive. 

Suitable for: Suitable for children over 4 years old

In set: 2 iron balls, wooden chip, silicone legs, instructions with exercises

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

lwh: 240x350x15 mm

Weight: 1100 g

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