Hand balancer №10 Waves

Neuro simulator «Waves» is an author's model with medium complexity. 

The toy is especially effective in working with calm, measured and slow children. Training with a hand balancer helps them to activate the brain and accelerate sensory, motor and visual processes. 

Is the kid going to learn something new? Playing with a balancer is a quick charge for the mind, which will facilitate the perception of new information. 

Regular use of the simulator helps to increase the speed of reading and its quality. The fact is that the passage of the maze teaches you to focus your eyes and expands the visual field. Consequently, attentiveness increases when reading: children do not skip letters and words, do not jump from one line to another.

The toy was created with the participation of child psychologists. Experts recommend taking classes for 5 minutes every day to achieve noticeable results.

Suitable for: Suitable for children over 3 years old

In set: 2 glass marbles for the maze, instructions with exercises

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

lwh: 240x350x15 mm

Weight: 1100 g

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