Balance board №8 Planet

Balance is a simulator with a cosmic pattern of a maze for children from 7 years old and adults. 

Classes with this balance board are especially suitable for emotional, unassembled children. 

The passage of the maze involves gradualness. You cannot move to new circles if you have not mastered the previous level. Overcoming obstacles with increasing difficulty gives the child a sense of success. This motivates him not to give up the case, develops perseverance and the ability to systematically go to the goal. 

Balance board helps children and adults to feel their body, develop coordination and the ability to keep balance. Neuropsychologists note a direct link between these skills and intelligence. Balancing, we influence the brain through the body and develop our memory, logical and creative thinking. 

For productive classes, it is enough to devote 10-15 minutes a day to the simulator and perform exercises from the instructions.

Complexity: High

In set: 2 glass marbles for the maze, instructions with exercises

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

lwh: 640x470x55 mm

Weight: 3000 g

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