Balance board №7 Flower

An entertaining balance board with a maze in the form of a flower for children from 5 years old and adults. 

The simulator will especially appeal to those who do sports. The high amplitude of the ball's movement through the maze will require good coordination and reaction speed from you. For professional athletes, balancing on a board can be a good option for rehabilitation after injuries. 

For children, the neurobord will help prepare the body for sports. Balance exercises also give an impetus to the development of intellectual abilities. This happens due to stimulation of the cerebellum. Regular classes with a balance board boost memory, attention, logical and creative thinking. 

For adults, the simulator will help keep the body in good shape during sedentary work and maintain a stable emotional background with frequent nervous loads.

The functionality, aesthetics and originality of the balance beard make it an excellent gift for both a child and an adult.

In set: 2 glass marbles for the maze, instructions with exercises

Material: Birch plywood

Cover: Eco-lacquer water-based

lwh: 640x470x55 mm

Weight: 2500 g

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